“Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children” series, by Ransom Riggs Book Review #1 (Spoiler Free)



Hello everyone 😀

Welcome to my very first official review post!

Today I’ll be reviewing the “Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children” series by Ransom Riggs.

I found out about this series through a few friends on Bookstagram who read these books as soon as they came out. The synopsis and few reviews I read woke my interest and curiosity and off i went to buy all three books at once.

I finished reading the last book 2 weeks ago and decided to write a review of the whole series at once instead of writing one for each individual book.

The series is consisted by three books: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children; Hollow City and Library of Souls. My rating for the entire trilogy is 5 stars.

Jacob’s grandfather always told him stories about fantastic places filled with peculiar people and terrible dangers. As a little boy, these stories fulled Jacob’s dreams of wonderful adventures, but also his nightmares. When he grew up, Jacob dismissed his grandfather’s stories as ramblings of an old man, traumatized by war and debilitated by old age. That is until he dies in Jacob’s arms, murdered by a creature with long tongues and white eyes. The same creature that used to haunt Jacob’s nightmares. Traumatized by what he saw, the teenage boy belives the police, his parents and his therapist when they tell him that his grandfather was murdered by wild dogs and not some nightmarish creature with several slashing tongues  and white eyes with no pupils. But his grandfather’s last words, whispered with his final strenght and breath, refuse to leave Jacob’s mind and he is determined to know their meaning. His search leads him to a letter, sent to his grandfather by the headmistress of the orphanage where he was sent to during World War 2. The letter was signed “Miss Peregrine” and it came from a small island, off the coast of Wales. Determined to decode his grandfather’s last words, Jacob packs his bags and sets off to Wales in search of the orphanage and Miss Peregrine. Jacob was just expecting to find some answers. But he found so much more than that. After what he found, his world will never be the same.

The best way to describe this trilogy would be as “modern fantasy”. An extremely captivating and exciting read, with a good variety of characters each one with a well defined personality. The story is well organized through out the entire series, without major holes in the plot. However, there are some major plot twits on books 2 and 3.

The books are filled with specific terms and concepts which are a bit difficult to understand at first, but not impossible. However, due to the incresing amount of concepts throught out the books, we need constant remeinders about what’s what and what happened in the previous book. There are certain events which, I personally believe,  shouldn’t have been as vague as they were, but the need for secrecy and mystery is understandable. There are some graphic and explicit descriptions about some creatures and events, but not too horrifying or scary that might need a trigger warning. The photographs spread out in between chapters help in the overview of the main story and the characters described. Personally, i don’t think there areany “dead” or dull chapters. The story flows continually, consistantly and the author manages the keep an everlasting flame of curiosity that holds the reader to the pages, constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. The dialogues are accessible, relatable, aproachable and funny.

Considering the books individually, the first book “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, was definetly the slowest of the three. There are some interesting and important events that contribute to the plot development, namely the description of certain key concepts and backgorund stories. There’s still no big insight to the characters personality other than the rare mentioning of certain personality traits that could be considered relevant at that particular moment and the indication of a growing romance between the two main characters.

“Hollow City”, the second book, begins in the precise moment the last book ended, avoiding any major plot holes, jumps or omissions. A lot more active than the previous book, the sequel gives the reader a better understanding of the way the peculiar world works and its hierarchy. All characters involved in this book are forced to face life threatning dangers which makes them grow as characters but also makes them doubt their own abilities, both as humans and peculiars. The book’s final chapter is an endless stream of plot twits and exciting events that keep the reader at the edge of their seats, questioning what’s going to happen next.

The big conclusion of this series comes in the form of the third book, “Library Of Souls”. In comparison to the two previous books, this one could be considered as one demensional, due to the fact that the entire book is set in just one universe (or “loop”), but it’s definetly the most exciting of the three. Being the conclusion of this action packed series, the third book is filled with enlightments about certain misterious aspects that hadnt been properly explained in the first and second book.

Although the finale was extremely exciting, I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed with some situations that I considered to be a bit forced and unecessary, interrupting the natural flow of the story. The last chapter of the third book, in particular, seemed, to me, forced as if the author had run out of imagination and ideas on how to finish the book and what was going to happen with our heros.

There are also some situations through out the whole series, in which the author seemed to forget how many characters were present in a certain scene, omiting them completely and leaving the reader wondering “where’s this character?” or “what happened to him/her?”. In my personal opinion, I belive that this problem is the result of the large number of characters present in certain scenes, leaving the author in a confused state as to where this or that character is doing or what happened to them. This problem, however, doesn’t exist in the third book, seeing that our group of heros is reduced to just two, making it easier to keep track of what’s happening and where is everybody.

Despite these final critics, I consider this series extremely well written, interesting and captivating.

I reccomend it to anyone who loves to read fantasy and/or YA books and is looking for something light and pleasant to read.

Thanks for reading!!


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